Calix has many years of experience in the production of high-quality cab heaters, battery chargers and engine heaters. These products suit the needs of multiple engine and engine-related applications for automotive, truck and bus, on- and off-highway, marine, and powergen.

Calix engine heaters

Calix PH (Professional Heater)

Insertion heaters cannot be fitted to certain vehicles, e.g. some construction machinery, tractors, trucks, smaller gensets, and in exceptional cases passenger cars. The Calix Professional Heater (PH) was developed for these vehicles and gensets. The PH works based on a self-circulating principle and is connected to the cooling system outside the engine block using a hose connection (20 mm). The heater is equipped with overheating protection, a thermostat, and a rubber sealing for increased service life and reliability. The Calix PH is available in two versions: one designed for the high temperature area, for example for frequently used machinery, and one for the low temperature area, for example for stationary engines that must be warm and ready to start for long periods.

Calix block heaters

Calix block heaters are electrical heating elements that are directly mounted into the engine block. Calix offers several types of engine block heaters for multiple vehicle brands and models. Do you want to know which Calix block heater is the best fit for your vehicle? Get in touch with us! 

Calix battery chargers

The Calix fully automatic battery chargers make sure your vehicle’s battery is always fully charged. The battery chargers perform even in extreme temperatures, from -40°C to +60°C. In addition, the Calix battery chargers can handle parallel loads, meaning they provide power to e.g. lights and radio while charging the battery.

Calix cab heaters

WaveLine cab heaters

Cold temperatures can negatively affect productivity and cause distractions. A cab heater can be installed to avoid this and keep people comfortable while working and driving.

Calix’s WaveLine heaters are quiet and powerful self-adjusting cab heaters. The heater automatically adjusts its heating power based on the surrounding temperature. The quick clip, mounting hold and wire bracket make sure you can always easily install the cab heater.

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