At PowerHeat we offer different types of preheaters. Which preheater is most suitable depends on the application. Read on to find out which type of engine heater is the best fit for your application.

Coolant heaters

Coolant heaters warm up the engine by heating up the coolant and transferring the heat to the engine through the coolant. Some coolant heaters use a (electric) circulation pump to preheat the engine. These so-called forced flow heaters, or circulation heaters, warm up the coolant and pump it through the engine to provide even heat distribution.

Other coolant preheaters make use of the thermosiphon process for heat transfer. These heaters warm up the coolant and circulate it through the engine by thermal convection.

At PowerHeat we offers coolant heaters from multiple brands:


The POWERHEAT preheater is a compact, electrically operated circulation heater that uses a new and innovative heating technique. It is designed for use in a wide range of applications, such as powergen, marine, industry, automotive, on- and offshore, on- and off-highway, etc.

PowerHeat 6KW

Carlor – Phillips & Temro

Carlor has over 20 years of experience in developing electric coolant heaters, both with and without circulation pump. Carlor preheaters are universal and compact, and can be used for all industrial, marine, and automotive applications, both stationary and mobile.

Topstart 1-3kW_3

Zerostart - Phillips & Temro

Zerostart offers multiple thermosiphon circulation heaters, including freeze plug heaters, threaded immersion heaters, plate-style heaters, and cartridge heaters. Zerostart preheaters are especially suitable for automotive, on- and off-highway, and powergen applications.



Hotstart offers both thermosiphon and forced circulation heaters, as well as immersion heaters. Their circulation heaters are also available in weathertight or hazardous location models and are therefore fit for a wide range of installation conditions.


The Calix PH (Professional Heater) is a coolant heater that works based on a self-circulating principle and is equipped with a thermostat and overheating guard. The PH engine preheater is especially suitable for smaller engine applications, like in automotive, and can also be used for electric vehicles.


For more than three decades Hilzinger has manufactured a wide range of electric heaters for water jacket cooling systems for diesel and gas engines. Hilzinger electric preheating units are used as heating systems for high-, medium- and low speed, water-cooled combustion engines.

Hilzinger coolant preheater unit

Fuel & oil heaters

At low temperatures paraffin wax in diesel fuels can start gelling, causing the diesel to solidify and stop flowing. When the fuel can’t reach the engine, this of course causes serious problems.
A similar effect can occur for oils. Low temperatures can increase the oils’ viscosity, which reduces the oil flow towards the engine and the hydraulic systems.
The described problems can be prevented by making use of fuel and oil heaters. At PowerHeat we offer fuel and oil heaters from multiple brands:

Phillips & Temro – TopStart (bio)diesel & oil

The Carlor (Phillips & Temro) TopStart (bio)diesel & oil is an electric heater equipped with a circulation pump. The preheater helps to keep oil viscosity and fuel temperature at the right level, improves lubrication and cold starts, and reduces wear. This heater is specially applicable for larger equipment, marine engines, and engine gensets.


POWERHEAT oil & fuel heater

The robust and high quality POWERHEAT preheater uses a new and innovative heating technique. There is no direct contact between the fluids and heating elements, which means fuels and oils age less quickly and the system remains corrosion-free. The POWERHEAT preheater is designed for use in a wide range of applications, such as powergen, marine, industry, railroad, automotive, on- and offshore, on- and off-highway, etc.

PowerHeat 12KW


Hotstart fuel and oil heaters are available as immersion heater, silicone heating pad, or forced circulation heater. The immersion heaters and forced circulation heaters are available with different temperature settings, or an adjustable thermostat. In addition, Hotstart also offers weathertight or hazardous location models.

OLM oil heating system

Cab heaters

Cold temperatures can negatively affect productivity and cause distractions. A cab heater can be installed to avoid this and keep people comfortable while working/driving. In addition, a cab heater contributes to safety by keeping the windows clean and providing clear sight.

WaveLine cab heaters

Calix’s WaveLine cab heaters are quiet and powerful self-adjusting cab heaters. The heater automatically adjusts its heating power based on the surrounding temperature. The quick clip, mounting hold and wire bracket make sure you can always easily install the cab heater. A Calix cab heater keeps your windows free of ice and condensation. This contributes to safety by keeping the windows clean and provides a clear view so that you can drive off immediately.

Battery heaters

A battery’s cranking power can be reduced by cold temperatures. In addition, cold can affect the charging time of a battery. Battery heaters heat batteries to the optimal temperature to maintain both cranking power and recharge time. This allows for easier starts and extends the effective battery usage. 

PowerHeat offers battery heaters from multiple brands:

Hotstart battery heaters

Hotstart offers battery heating solutions in the form of battery heating pads and battery thermal wraps.


Phillips & Temro battery heaters

Phillips & Temro also offers multiple battery heating solutions. The battery heaters are available as heating pad, heating blanket, or heating box.

Battery chargers

Next to different kind of heaters we also supply battery chargers. Modern vehicles and machinery contain advanced electrical systems that consume electricity, even when the vehicle or machine is inactive. A battery therefore always remains active, making battery charging necessary. In addition, it is important to regularly charge a battery to avoid oxidation, prolong the battery’s service life, and to ensure the vehicle or machine can always start.

Calix battery chargers

The Calix fully automatic battery chargers make sure the battery of your vehicle or machine is always fully charged. The battery chargers are designed for both valve regulated (dry cell) and flooded (wet cell) lead acid batteries and deliver flawless performance, even in extreme temperatures (-40°C to +60°C). In addition, the Calix battery chargers can handle parallel loads, meaning they provide power to active users (e.g. lights and radio) while charging the battery.

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