Smooth running engines are crucial for many applications in many different markets. Find out which (engine) preheaters best suit your specific market application:


Generator sets (marine and land base), power plants

Emergency power generators need to start and run at full capacity in a few seconds in order to maintain the power supply of e.g. a hospital, data centers, banks, etc. An engine preheater keeps the generator’s engine at a stable and optimum temperature, allowing the generator to start immediately when called upon.

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Marine, vessels, ships

Engine preheaters keep marine engines heated when shut off, in order to ensure direct and smooth starts without idling. This is beneficial for the environment, as no harmful substances are emitted when the engine is turned off. Next to keeping the engine heated, preheaters can also prevent condensation in the cylinders when they cool down, which prevents starting problems, and reduces maintenance needs and costs.

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On- and offshore, oil and gas, clean energy, power plants, pump sets, sprinkler systems

Industry applications often place heavy loads on engines. Coolant preheaters help engines to run as smooth as possible by keeping them at the optimum operating temperature. In addition, oil and fuel preheaters prevent fuel gelling and other cold related problems, like frozen fuel systems or clogged filters due to gelled fluids. Smooth running engines consume less fuel, suffer less from parts wear, and require less maintenance.
We also offer a preheating solution for applications in extreme working conditions with weathertight preheating systems.

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Railroad, locomotives, trains

Using a preheater prevents the train engine from freezing in cold weather. Engine preheaters also keep train engines warm, so they can start directly without idling. This reduces fuel consumption, which results in cost savings. Eliminating engine idling also reduces emissions, which has a positive effect on the environment.

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Off-highway vehicles, heavy/large equipment, machinery, mining

Engine preheaters ensure off-road vehicles and machinery can be used immediately after starting and operate at their best. Coolant heaters take care of a smooth running engine, even in cold temperatures, and increase the service life of both the engine and its components. Fuel and oil heaters keep critical fluids at ideal operating temperatures to keep equipment lubricated and perform at their best. This extends the service life of transmissions and hydraulic systems, and reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

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Automotive, truck & bus

Cars, trucks, buses, on-highway vehicles

At PowerHeat we offer multiple products that benefit automotive, trucks, and busses. We can supply multiple preheaters that warm up your engines to avoid cold starts. This ensures easier and faster engine starts, which reduces engine wear. In addition, warm engines consume less fuel and thus emit less harmful substances. This is beneficial for both your wallet and the environment.
Next to engine preheaters we supply cab heaters to keep you comfortable and your windows free of ice and condensation when driving. Our battery heaters ensure your batteries are at the optimum temperature to maintain both cranking power and recharge time. With a battery charger you make sure your battery is always fully charged, which is especially needed when you have onboard equipment that uses lots of electrical power, or for short drives with frequent stops.
Next to solutions for diesel engines, we also supply preheaters that are suitable for heating purposes in battery electric and hydrogen electric (heavy duty) equipment and larger vehicles.

Check the product overview for automotive, truck and bus below to find the best heating solution for your on-highway application:


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