Preheating your engines provides a number of benefits.

Protects the engine

The moving parts in an engine, like bearings, crankshaft, connecting rods, camshaft, etc., wear out the most when they are cold. This wear is significantly reduced at higher temperatures. Therefore preheating your engine protects the engine from wear.

Increased sustainability

As stated above, preheating your engine minimizes engine wear, which extends the service life of the engine. Preheating also has a positive effect on the life of liquids and batteries. Liquids age quicker at extreme temperatures or extreme temperature differences. Preheating results in a more stable temperature, which makes the liquids last longer. The charging capacity of a battery is also affected by extreme temperatures. When the battery is kept at a constant temperature the charging capacity remains intact longer.

Better for the environment

Next to increased sustainability, preheating results in more environmental benefits. Most fuel is consumed when starting the engine and bringing the engine to operating temperature, and a cold engine emits more harmful substances compared to a warm engine. A preheated engine consumes less fuel and releases less emissions, making preheating beneficial for the environment.

Cost savings

A preheated engine is less sensitive to wear and therefore requires less maintenance, which results in lower maintenance costs. In addition, a warm engine consumes less fuel, which reduces your fuel costs.

Time savings

By preheating your engine you eliminate the engine warm-up time. You can immediately use the full engine power, without the risk of wear. This is essential for e.g. emergency power supplies, sprinkler systems, ambulances, rescue services, etc.

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