PowerHeat was founded in 2017 in response to the increasing market demand for specialized knowledge and products for (engine) preheating. PowerHeat emerged from Power Parts Supply; a technical trading company specialized in the worldwide export of original parts for diesel engines. As a result, despite its young age, PowerHeat has more than 25 years of experience in (engine) preheating.

Preheating solutions

We supply preheating solutions for coolant, diesel, fuel, engine oils, hydraulic oils, and other (industrial) liquids. Heating solutions to increase comfort and safety, like cabin heaters and battery chargers, complete our product range.

As official distributor we deliver preheating products and parts from all the leading brands: Phillips & Temro (Carlor and Zerostart), Calix, Hotstart, and Hilzinger.


In addition to the above mentioned solutions we developed our own new style POWERHEAT preheater . This is a compact, electrically operated circulation heater featuring a new and innovative heating technique. Different POWERHEAT models are available for heating coolant, oil, and fuel. POWERHEAT preheaters are also suitable for heating purposes in electric-powered and hydrogen-powered (heavy duty) equipment and larger vehicles.

The innovative character of PowerHeat is recognized by the Dutch government. We receive government support, which allows us to further develop our POWERHEAT preheater.

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